General questions

  • What is DrivianTasks?
    DrivianTasks is a service for businesses with mobile workforces. We provide increased visibility on how mobile workforces are performing and support a set of tools designed to increase productivity and business efficiency. The service is supported by two components: a cloud-based web management platform for business and operational managers, and a mobile application for mobile employees to track the execution of tasks in the field. DrivianTasks enables business managers to plan their tasks, optimize the productivity of their mobile workforces and track key performance indicators in real-time or over time.
  • How can DrivianTasks help me?
    DrivianTasks provides increases visibility over how employees are executing their tasks in the field. It also contributes to increase efficiency by optimizing task allocation and enabling managers to track the productivity of their mobile workforces. DrivianTasks provides powerful route and resource optimization to help you easily plan and assign tasks to your mobile employees. DrivianTaks is also a complete field and business solution, with advanced analytics for valuable insights. The mobile App allows employees to perform planned tasks and collect evidences in the field, and also enables communication with the company headquarters. DrivianTasks promotes productivity by measuring the level of performance and degree of execution of tasks by the team in the field in real-time.
  • Is DrivianTasks a fleet management solution?
    No, but you still can manage your vehicles and their characteristics. DrivianTasks allows you to keep track of the mileage of your fleet, expenses and estimates emissions, among others.
  • How do I get started?
    Create an account here with a valid email address and password and try out our product. If you have additional questions, feel free to contact us here , someone from our team will be happy to help you.
  • Do I need to install any special device?
    No, the web management portal can be accessed from any computer and your mobile employees just need a smartphone or tablet and install the mobile app. The DrivianTasks service doesn’t require additional hardware, other than the usage of a mobile device to run the App (any iOS or Android tablet or smartphone will do) and a computer to access the Web Management Portal.
  • Is DrivianTasks available in my country?
    Yes, DrivinTasks is available worldwide.
  • I outsource my field tasks, can I still use DrivianTasks?
    Yes, you can create and assign tasks to your subcontractors. We also support integration to automate this process, please contact us here .
  • I work for a contractor, can I still use DrivianTasks?
    Yes, tasks can be imported from files and we also support integration to support this process, please contact us here.
  • How do you handle information privacy?
    The DrivianTasks service is based on a system designed from the ground to completely isolate information belonging to different customers using the system. Also, the system is built along with the best practices in the industry in terms of data confidentiality and integrity. For detailed information regarding privacy please read our Privacy Policy: here.
  • May I integrate DrivianTasks with other systems in my company?
    The system provides a RESTful API which other systems can use to communicate with DrivianTasks. We also support integration with existing systems (ERP, CRM, other). Please contact us for more information here.

Using the web management console

  • Can I parameterize DrivianTasks to fit my organization?
    Yes. You can define new and different types of users, shits, skills, projects, tasks, vehicles, materials, expenses. You can also create groups and organize them hierarchically to represent you organization structure, both logical and physical.
  • What kind of auditing capabilities are available?
    All update actions on the system are monitored. You will be able to track any change, know who was the author of a modification and when it occurred.
  • Can I manage my fleet using DrivianTasks?
    You can manage your vehicles and their characteristics. But DrivianTasks is not a full solution for fleet management, nonetheless, it allows you to keep track of the mileage of your fleet, expenses, estimates emissions among others.
  • Can I manage my human resources using DrivianTasks?
    You can manage HR as a work force, i.e., define shifts, register absences, define vacation periods, working days, track productivity, mileage and other kpi. You can also monitor working hours, shift start and end times, and export all this information.
Planning tasks
Creating operational projects
Producing analysis and exporting reports

Using the mobile application